Anora Collaborates with Stick Figure and Walshy Fire of Major Lazer on Debut Song ‘Love Me Easy’

Brendan Clemente
3 min readMar 10, 2022

When Stick posted about releasing a new song the other week, fans all over the world quickly flooded in to show their excitement and support. I sat in my cold basement in Minnesota, thinking to myself how incredible it’s been watching his meteoric rise during the past decade.

But there was something particularly intriguing about this announcement that really caught my attention…

Stick mentioned that the song was a collaboration, and that it was the debut track from an artist named Anora. He also mentioned that the track had been sent to him and worked on by Walshy Fire of Major Lazer, one of the most successful electronic music trios in the world.

Besides the exciting fact that Anora was getting the opportunity to work with Stick on her debut, I was even more blown away to hear that they were working with Walshy.

In my opinion, Stick Figure has flawlessly navigated the difficult path of experimenting with new styles and sounds while always managing to stay true to his own vision, and to know that he was working with a mastermind like Walshy Fire told me that this would turn out to be a brilliant blend of styles.

Exceeding all expectations, ‘Love Me Easy’ is a genuinely gorgeous tune. It was originally written by Anora and her sister Oly on the island of Antigua, with the incredible Jus Bus at the helm producing.

Even more than the sonic beauty of the song, the part that I love most is witnessing someone as talented and hardworking as Anora seeing their dreams come true right before their eyes.

In chatting with her about the experience, she expressed immense gratitude for how big of a role Walshy played in putting it all together, and great appreciation for everyone involved.

All musicians know how much work goes into making something of yourself in this industry, and although the public might see a debut as “the beginning”, there are countless years of practice, hard work, failure, and self doubt that go into it before most people ever even hear an artist.

So to be here witnessing Anora’s debut track, created in collaboration with an absolute dream-team of some of the most talented artists in the world (including Stick Figure’s own Johnny Cosmic and TJ O’Neill, Anora’s enormously successful sister Oly, Nick Grau on trumpets, and Torsten Stenzel on bass), it truly brings happiness to my heart watching success begin to unfold for her.

My own musical journey has largely been built on the foundation of people who were willing to believe in me and take a chance, so seeing some of my favorite artists give Anora’s flawlessly smooth and emotionally powerful voice a chance to shine and be enjoyed by the masses is a special thing to see unfold.

I’m excited to continue watching Anora flourish, and sending my deep gratitude to Walshy Fire, Stick Figure, Jus Bus, Ineffable Records, and everyone else who contributed to this track for creating this beautiful art, and lifting young artists up in the community.